Radiant Heating & Cooling


As a part of our Net Zero and Near Zero offerings, SUR Energy designs and installs heating and cooling systems with an eye towards reduced energy usage powered by renewable energy. With an informed design that delivers the heating and cooling comfort in more efficient ways, energy bills and usage can be greatly reduced or eliminated (Net Zero).

We focus on high efficiency hydronic (water based) heating systems, like radiant floor and low temperature radiant panel heating. Whether your heat source is a high efficiency boiler, or a heat pump, you can get superior human comfort AND reduce your energy use.

While Michigan is primarily a heating climate, and cooling is a much smaller load, it is still important to remove the moisture from warm summer air and cool the space as required. As always, we have a focus on reducing the overall energy use, and carry this philosophy into our cooling equipment.

Altherma house distribution options

Daikin’s Altherma air source heat pump is compatible with the distribution methods shown in this picture. Heat pumps run on electricity, which can be provided by solar electric systems


Uponor manifold distributes the heat to the radiant floor loops


These aluminum plates dissipate heat and allow lower boiler temperatures, which can increase efficiency